Guidelines for book reviewers

Book reviews in Oryx are by invitation only; the journal does not accept unsolicited reviews. If you are invited to review a book, please consider whether you have any conflicts of interest (financial, professional or personal relationships with the potential to bias your review) and only accept the invitation if there is no such conflict.

Book reviews published in Oryx are usually c. 600–700 words, but this is somewhat flexible. Please use our book review template to prepare your review.

A review should give the reader a general impression of what the book covers, and provide some detail about its strengths and shortcomings.

There are some questions that can guide you in your writing:

  • What is the subject or topic of the book?
  • What is the book’s thesis or main argument?
  • How does the author support and structure their argument?
  • Is the topic covered in adequate depth and breadth?
  • Has this book helped you understand the subject? If so, how? If not, why not?
  • Would you recommend the book to others?

At the end of your review, please include your name, affiliation and e-mail address as they should appear in the published review. Once complete, submit your book review to the editorial office via e-mail at Please also send us the completed licence to publish.

Here are some examples of book reviews published in Oryx, to give you an impression of the general format and style: