Flavia Franchini-Silveira & Justine Shanti Alexander from the Snow Leopard Network

Flavia Franchini-Silveira joined SLN’s team in 2021, leading the Network’s social media communications. She has been actively involved in member engagement through various strategies, working to build awareness about the snow leopard. She is a conservation biologist working towards the conservation of wild cats across the world. She completed her MSc in the human dimensions of wildlife, to understand how different interest groups perceived the reintroduction of wood bison in Alaska, working closely with native and non-native communities in the state. She is particularly interested in human-wildlife coexistence, movement ecology, and the ecology and conservation of big cats.

Justine Shanti Alexander, Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Network (2020-2023) and Senior Scientist at the Snow Leopard Trust, has dedicated over a decade to High Asia's snow leopard conservation efforts. Her adventure began in 2011 when she pursued her PhD in snow leopard conservation at Beijing Forestry University. Justine believes in the remarkable ability of snow leopards to inspire collaborative conservation efforts, offering hope for their future.