Khursheed Ahmad

Dr. Khursheed Ahmad, is a highly accomplished senior scientist heading the Division of Wildlife Sciences at Sher-e-Kashmir Agricultural University Kashmir. He has extensive expertise in Himalayan ungulate and avifauna conservation, with both an MSc & PhD in Wildlife Sciences, has specialized training from The Macaulay Institute, Scotland, and is a visiting scientist at Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology, Institute, USA. Leading more than 25 funded research projects and collaborating with esteemed institutions worldwide, he pioneered the capture, satellite collaring and recognition of the hangul as a distinct species. His contributions encompass genetic studies on hanglu, Tibetan antelope, snow leopard habitat exploration, and uncovering mammalian and avian biodiversity in Jammu & Kashmir. Notably, Dr. Ahmad serves in various national and state-level capacities, including being a member of multiple IUCN SSC groups and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in India.