Johannes Fritz, Sinah Drenske & Stephanie Kramer-Schadt

Johannes Fritz is a biologist and conservationist. He founded and leads Waldrappteam Conservation and Research, in Austria. He has managed the northern bald ibis reintroduction in Europe for 20 years. As a pilot, he has guided the birds to the winter area 15 times already. He is also a member of the Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna. His research focuses on animal conservation and translocation, biologging, bird flight and bird migration.

Sinah Drenske is a PhD student at the Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin, Germany, in the Department of Ecological Dynamics. Her research focuses on population ecology to understand the adaptive mechanisms of animals to their environment, and to develop measures for species conservation.

Stephanie Kramer-Schadt heads the Department of Ecological Dynamics at Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research and has a professorship at Technische Universität Berlin. Her work is dedicated to understanding species responses to environmental challenges and to improving predictions for conservation and management.