Emma Reasoner, Dr. Bogdan Cristescu & Dr. Laurie Marker

Emma Reasoner is a student ecologist at Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. Her MSc. research focuses on human-carnivore conflict on communal farmland in Namibia. She has also contributed to CCF’s research efforts in Somaliland, including this survey to investigate the status of cheetah in remote western Somaliland.

Dr. Bogdan Cristescu is a wildlife ecologist particularly interested in applied research questions and linking ecology to conservation biology. He is the Assistant Director for Ecological Research at the Cheetah Conservation Fund and has broad interests in spatial ecology, conservation planning and mammalian carnivores.

Dr. Laurie Marker is a research scientist and conservation biologist recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cheetahs. As Founder and Executive Director of Cheetah Conservation Fund, Dr. Marker has pioneered research, established conservation models, and created cooperative alliances on behalf of the cheetah.