Dingzhen Liu, Xuemei Yao and Chris Newman

Dingzhen Liu is a Professor of Zoology of Beijing Normal University. His research interests include animal behaviour and conservation. His work focuses on courtship, mate choice, sexual selection, and maternal-offspring communication. He uses his research findings to promote interest in how animal behaviour is important for conservation action.

Xuemei Yao was a graduate student at Dingzhen Liu’s lab when carrying out this research. She obtained her Master of Science degree in June 2022. She is now working as an environmental protection officer for the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone of Beijing.

Chris worked for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) for 30 years, latterly as the H.N. Southern Memorial Fellow in Ecology, primarily running the Badger Project in Wytham Woods. Now living in Canada, Chris continues an active interest in research alongside a career in academic editing and consultancy, working extensively with Universities in China. His work examines those factors that influence population success, principally climate change and disease. His focus has recently been on individual adaptation in response life-history stressors. In addition, Chris works extensively on illegal wildlife exploitation and trade, having been part of the team identifying wildlife markets in Wuhan as the source of the Covid-19 pandemic.