Anuj Jain & Jessica Lee

Anuj Jain is a conservationist with a background in birds, insects and biomimicry and has a PhD in urban ecology. He is the Preventing Extinctions and Bird Trade Coordinator with BirdLife International (Asia) and part of Nature Society (Singapore). He is also a National Geographic Explorer for work on helmeted hornbills and also active in the conservation of parrots and songbirds. Anuj is passionate about parrot keeping and strongly believes that engaging people is key to conserve these charismatic groups of birds.

Jessica Lee is an ornithologist with a para-veterinary background and a PhD in avian conservation biology and management. She is an Assistant Vice-President (Conservation & Research) with Mandai Nature – a Singapore-based, non-profit conservation organization. She is involved in conservation management of threatened bird species, tackling issues around habitat loss and the illegal bird trade, conservation of birds in urban areas, conservation genomics and breeding, and the rehabilitation and release of rescued birds.