The Rufford Foundation is a major long-term supporter of Oryx, and also funded the development of the journal’s Writing for Conservation guide. The Foundation recognizes the value of open access publishing and the special role that Oryx plays in building capacity and enabling researchers to publish their research no matter where they live or work. The Rufford Foundation is supporting the journal’s transition to open access, ensuring that lack of funding is no barrier to publishing in Oryx. The support from The Rufford Foundation has also allowed us to make historical content freely available: volumes 1–54 of Oryx (1950–2020) are now free to access.

Oryx is grateful for the support of additional donors such as John Spedan Lewis Foundation and the Thriplow Charitable Trust. 

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Contributions made by individual members of Fauna & Flora also support the journal. In addition to exclusive access to print copies and/or a magazine-style online view of Oryx, membership includes a newsletter with updates on Fauna & Flora’s work three times per year, and an annual magazine. An additional member benefit is a 15% discount on the article processing charge to publish in Oryx. For more details and to join, please visit:

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